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Integrative Bodywork Therapies


We all need a "hand" at times to help our bodies restore balance, release stress, tension, and pain. 

Maybe you have tried therapeutic massages, exercises, supplements, yet your still having the same issues.


I start by determining where the imbalances are and which of my tools will help them.

Typically in a session,  I use Tui Na (like acupressure) massage & cupping to release trigger points, tight muscles and unwind fascia. Energetically I see, feel, and notice how your body systems are responding during your session. I have MANY tools and skillsets to work with. 


As an Herbalist, I test your body to find which herbs work best for YOUR system. Each session is unique because everyday is different, and the road to feeling better changes each time you come in.

"Monica has changed my life. I am a stylist and I thought I was going to need surgery to help with my chronic shoulder pain. She found the root causes of the pain, and my shoulders literally started to "unwind", they just let go! 

She is way better than pain meds and surgery!"


“Throughout the years, I have had many health challenges which has left me tired and in a lot of pain. Monica has helped calm my ongoing inflammation and improve my overall wellness. Her technique is not just for relaxing, it therapeutic and healing.”

A. Senescall

  • Alleviate  aches & pains, stress and insomnia

  • Uses massage rather than needles to stimulate points

  • Feel  focus and feel relaxed