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Purposeful, Integrative Bodywork to Help Your Body Restore Balance

We all need a “hand” at times to help our bodies release stress, tension, and pain, and restore balance.

Help Your Body Self-Regulate and Calm Down

My approach to bodywork is holistic and takes into account your unique situation and health history. Together we’ll find the right approach to address both your physical and mental/emotional challenges.

Holistic Therapies and Tools:

  • Tuina

  • Myofascial release 

  • Craniosacral therapy

  • Acupressure

  • Fire cupping 

  • Gua sha

  • Moxibustion

  • Herbs


How It Works

First visit:

I will take ample time to discuss your health, listen to your story, and learn what events may have led to your concern or pain. I aim to understand not only what triggered your current condition, but what you are looking to achieve through our session(s) together. I may also use pulse testing and muscle testing to gain insight into your situation. I’ll share my assessment and propose therapies.

Treatment sessions:

Typically in a session, I use tuina massage and cupping to release trigger points and tight muscles and unwind fascia. I have MANY tools and skill sets to work with. I will demonstrate therapies that are new to you to ensure you feel comfortable proceeding. Energetically, I see, feel, and notice how your body systems are responding during your session. Your body will tell me as we go what needs to be addressed.

The result:

Leave your session feeling lighter, calmer, and less anxious, with fewer aches and pains. You’ll feel more relaxed, and be able to focus and sleep better.

A session with Monica is like no other.

It is not a traditional massage. Think of it as ancient medicine. Monica's massages are more like a trance. They help promote healing for your body, inside and out. You will feel rejuvenated almost like you're melting away. She helps your blood flow get to the areas that need to be healed to help you heal quicker. You will not regret giving Monica a try.

— Jody

​Receive the Right Balance of Bodywork to Calm Your Nervous System

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